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                ELSA CALENDAR  2003, tentative

March 18, Tuesday    6:30PM, Meeting, Jim and Janis Heselton, St. Patrick's Day
April 12, Saturday      ELSA I workday, meeting, Kane's, BBQ/Potluck
May 3, 10, 17, Sat.    Mooring Day (s), depends on weather
May 24/25                  Open
May 31/June 1            Open
June 7/8                      Open
June 14/15                  Full moon raft up on Saturday evening
June 21/22                  Centerboard Day, Ken Kane, chairman
June 28/29                  Potter Yachters Camp out, June 27-30, Bruce Hood
July 5/6                      Open
July 12/13                  Full moon Raft up, Sunday evening
July 19/20                  Eagle Lake Regatta, MHRA Sierra Chapter?
July 26/27                  Trans-Spaulding/ Jim Hood Aquarius 23 Day (OR any boat)
August 2/3                Open
August 9/10                Open (Full moon 8-12)
August 16/17              Trans-Eagle
August 23/24              Open
August 30/31              Open
September 6/7            Near Full Moon Raft Up - Saturday evening
September 13/14        Open
September 20/21        Open
September 27/28        Open
October 4/5                Open
October 11/12            One day after Full Moon Raft Up, Saturday evening
October 18/19            Mooring Winterization, BIG crew needed
November 13, Thurs.  Annual Dinner (Change due to Lassen High Football,
                                  To be held at Susanville Elks Lodge, meeting after dinner?)