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Ice Breaker 99'

Jan. 1, 1999, 0729, Callatin Marina, Bob and Gail Bengard sailed in Ken's Lido 14 for an attempt to win the Ice Breaker. Gail photographed Bob and Ken on the initial run with her Christmas present that does everything but think for itself, sound like a great camera. Then Gail and Bob went for a cruise, and to finish Bob and Ken did the third leg. It was nearly a moonlight sail as we headed for the south end, but by the time the boat was in the water the moon was down. It was cold, but the sun rising over Mahogany Peak (7,194) put a bit of warmth out and it felt might fine. It was a great day for the Ice Breaker in our jewel of California. As Bob and Ken were derigging, California Fish and Game drove up and wanted to know if we had any fish. One day beyond the season! Ron realized he had erred when it dawned on him it was a sailboat we were our on. A really fantastic day! Haven't heard if any one was on the lake earlier. Submitted by: Ken Kane, Member at Large

January 1, 1999 - 7:29 am

Last Update: 1/25/99

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Bob,Gail, and Ken arrive at the South end of Eagle Lake at about 6:15am, Dec. 31, 1998
The crew of Bob and Ken getting the mast ready.
Getting ready for a coooool sail on the Lido 14.
O.K., let's get this rudder up and get out there.
Going out, notice the snow on the ground.
Some way to start 1999.
Out of the harbor
Great picture with a reflection
WOW!!! Let's wrap this day up and go home and get warmmmmm!!!!

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Ice Breaker 2000

January 1, 2000 - Time: am

Last Update: 1/20/00

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